Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sankofa Girls Group - DIY Jewellery

Learning something new is fun and fulfilling. DIY projects have many more benefits then saving money; one of which is connecting with yourself. Not only do you develop skills, you develop a sense of art and logic.
The girls took their creativity to making jewellery. 

 Chante's using her nails as inspiration

 So much gimp

 Teiana is a professional 

 Janeila showing off the earrings she made 

Kaliya can open up her own shop with these creations

For more information on joining the Sankofa Programs, contact Zarina at email: or call: 416-766-6288 x 240

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Sankofa Multicultural Club - Dream Team Challenge

The Multicultural Club worked together in small teams to create a floating device. The challenge: Drop in as many chocolates as you can before it sinks. The amount of chocolates you have on before it sinks is what you get to keep. Let the games begin 🙌

 From left to right : Charlie, Hanna, Bruno & Beatriz 

 From left to right: Jose, Beatriz, Cecilia & Stephanie

Yasmin (center: WNH Youth Worker) explaining the rules

To find out how it went check us out on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

This program is in partnership with West Neighbourhood House & Bishop Marrocco Thomas Merton/CSS

Youth in Arts make Cake Pops!

On Tuesday evening, Youth in Arts had a fun time making cake pops through a BabyCakes Machine, and got to decorate their cake pops with sprinkles and dipped melted chocolate!

Making the batter!
Spraying down the BabyCakes machine!

Taste test time!

Our final results. Great job, everyone!
Ayesha mixing and melting that chocolate!
Carefully pulling out the cake balls from the machine!
Ending our program with a fun polaroid session!

Are you interested in joining "Youth in Arts"? Please contact Nour Abu-Shaaban at!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Global Roots Youth Orientation

In partnership with The Stop Community Food Centre, this inter-generational urban farming program brings newcomer youth and seniors together to learn and practice gardening, growing food, environmental stewardship and healthy cooking. 

Youth registration will be done on orientation day. Please come to Artscape Wychwood Barns on Monday April 30th from 3:30-5:30pm. 
RSVP for orientation with Zarina at or call 416-766-6288 x 240.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Mabelle April Awesomeness!

Gyu is the best!
Watching a Family Video made in March Break.

Rana is an amazing tutor.

Why are you always taking pictures..


Trophies made by Sonam for our outdoor Activities!

Monique & Valerie playing soccer!

Spot it aka the coolest game everrrr!
Look at my balloon, I'm floating!


Smiles, All Around!
Yay, Gym is back in operation!

I don't like the gym, but I'm super creative!

Later, Days!